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All About Us At Butterfly Boutiques

Butterfly Boutique’s is a new and upcoming business, we boast an elegant array of vintage lingerie & nightwear, nowhere else to be found on the high street. Not only do we have a fabulous website, that features  an array of versatile collections, no matter what your female body silhouette, we also offer a party plan service for those of you that wish to host your own ladies night at home.

As one of Butterfly Boutique’s thank you gift’s to the hostess; she will receive a 15% discount towards her lingerie party… along with a free gift exclusively from Butterfly Boutique’s executive ranges. Butterfly Boutique’s  also do relaxing soaps, bath bombs, candles and massage oils.

For the men lost in the translation of the choice’s of gift set options, we offer a beautiful range of gift baskets combined with all of the above to make things easier for you.

Now, you may be thinking what makes Butterfly Boutique’s different from the rest?, well, the core of our energy reflects into the core of what we believe, that all of our customer’s should get a reliable, trustworthy & rewarding  service no matter what their acquired  spend. Accompanied with Butterfly Boutique’s personal touch, and by this we mean if you sign up to become a hostess of your own lingerie party, you will receive one of our prestigious welcome packs like no other, to delightfully containing free exclusive gifts to you as the hostess. All welcome packs are hand delivered & in discreet packaging to the hostess, and allows Butterfly Boutique’s to go through the various ideas and option’s in  order to make the hostess’s superb night a roaring success.

All orders placed on the hostess’s  lingerie night will be hand delivered to the hostess for her to deliver to her guest’s,  (and again will be packaged very discreetly). All order’s purchased online will be again delivered with a discreet packaging so only you will know what you have ordered and from where. We believe in value for money, so all our lingerie is to a high standard along with a fair price.

To suit your delivery preference, there are three types of delivery option’s you can choose from, all of which are listed on our website. We also feature a size guide so you can grasp the size that fits you best, may it be a size 8 or a size 20, we have them all.

An honest envision that all women can look sexy, no matter what their size, providing that we wear beauty that assists us to being fabulous. Our website feature’s a blog, which highlight’s information & updates we have have like forth-coming show’s, event’s, & our new collections & ranges. You can find us on face-book, twitter and instagram. For more info subcribe to our new letter and always be ahead.

Our philosophy
Best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
Goals & values
  1. Great Customer Serive.

  2. Quitly products .

  3. Great partys .

  4. easy to use website.

  5. Secure payments.

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